Book Covers! That’s right… those things that we aren’t supposed to judge. Everyone does. If you don’t like the cover on a book, let’s face it you aren’t going to want to read the book. If however, the book cover is an awesome design you are going to not only pick up that book but also read the little blurb on the back of the book. Let’s be real here, the cover design and that blurb are what is going to pull you into wanting to read that awesome book!

That is what Boo is here for! She is going to make the most awesome covers for your book. Your stories deserve the best covers at the most reasonable price. Boo’s Book Cover Designs was born on the belief that even the newest Author should be able to afford a book cover that will sell their book the best. So head on over to the cover pages, browse through the pre-made covers. If they don’t catch your eye, send Boo an email to discuss her awesome custom covers!




Pre-Made Covers:

$75- you will receive one eBook cover image and one print wrap. (Font style and color can be changed.)


For covers that are part of sets, you pay one price. If you want a 3 book series, the cost is $225. For a 2 book series, the cost is $150. These series sets each have their own page, 2 book series is on one page. 3 book series sets are on a page as well.

Custom Covers:

Please email Boo for pricing information.

Custom covers have a page as well. The only thing with these custom ones are that the price listed does not cover the images Boo purchases to make your cover. That will be a separate charge. Contact Boo before purchasing a custom cover from the website.


*Disclaimer– All computer monitors display colors differently. Therefore what we see on this website and in the graphics created may not be the same colors as you see on your own monitor. The wrap covers look blurry until you open it in the gallery view, then they are crystal clear!

**Due to the nature of this business, there will be absolutely NO refunds or exchanges.


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